• chevron_rightWhy is there a fee to use the application?

    EZDrips is produced by Applications MD, a registered non-profit organization. All members work on a volunteer basis to the development of the content and the application. We all have one goal: improving quality of care in pediatric and adult resuscitation. Our main funding comes from the Charles Lemoyne Hospital Foundation and directed donations from people in healthcare. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the world of informatics is very dynamic and thus we need to invest a significant amount of money in programming in order to maintain the application functionnal on multiple platforms.

    To survive in this digital age, all IT compagnies have 4 choices:

    1. Earn income through advertising (a pop-up ad for intubation?) 😉
    2. Sell ​​user data (hmmm … no thank you)
    3. Make a pact with the devil (aka Big Pharma)
    4. Sell ​​the application at a reasonable price

    To respect the values ​​of our organization, we believe that the only option is to sell the application at a reasonable price: the equivalent of a latte per month for physicians and an espresso per month for other health care professionals.

    If your financial situation prevents you from investing this amount but you would still like to use our application, please contact us and we will give you free access.

  • chevron_rightWho stores my credit card information?

    There are two ways to pay for your subscription: through PayPal or by entering your credit card information on our website. Please note that we do not store any information about credit. All the information that is entered on the « pay with a credit card » section is stored through Stripe, a well recognized online payment platform.

  • chevron_rightWhy is the application not available on the App Store?

    Let’s be clear, we are big fans of Apple products! In recent years, the guidelines of the App Store were greatly tightened for medical applications. The Applications MD team supports this initiative and we believe that medical applications must be subjected to strict controls for both content and potential for errors. We have been working for several years with Apple in order to have our application approved for their platform. We were very close to reach an agreement, but the stumbling block preventing a definite deal resides in the fact that we are a small company and emergency medicine often uses drugs “off label.” In order to publish an application that reflects the reality of emergency medicine, we have decided to publish the application in a web format that does not utilize the App Store.

  • chevron_rightWhy is EZDrips a web application (PWA) and what is this exactly?

    As mentioned above, EZDrips is not available on the App Store. In this context, the only way to distribute EZDrips is in the form of a web application, which is an application that requires internet to be consulted (Progressive Web App or PWA).

    There are several advantages to this kind of application. First, the application is accessible from any device that can connect to the internet (phone, tablet, computer). Also, no installation is required; the application can be accessed through the EZDrips website by using the “login” button. It is therefore possible to easily access the application on computers at work, which can be very convenient. Finally, a shortcut can be installed on the home screen of a personal device and the application can then be accessed via this icon, which makes its use very similar to a standard application (see tutorial).

    Unfortunately, a web application implies that its use requires an internet connection. Indeed, it is not possible to save all data from EZDrips on a smartphone and use it offline in its current PWA format. However, this could change in the near future with the evolving technology. In addition, we believe that the majority of people who will be using the application will have at least one computer with an internet connection within their reach in their workplace, making the application accessible at all times one way or another.

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