• chevron_right My account creation did not work

    If you have not received a confirmation email, your account creation has not been completed and therefore your bank details have not been saved anywhere! Please go through the account creation steps once again and make sure that your password is strong enough and that your credit card information is accurate.

  • chevron_rightUnable to login

    …or I changed my password and I am unable to log in.

    Try to reset the application by following this video.

  • chevron_rightWhite screen

    There are two possibilities:

    > Either you are trying to access the application in a zone without internet connection. Once you are in a location with good internet connection, reset the application by following this video.

    > Either you have blocked the use of cookies in your browser settings. In this case go to “Settings” -> “Safari” then uncheck “Block all cookies” in the “Privacy and security” section.


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