Are there still users reading a disclaimer till the end? 😉

Now that we have your attention, let us highlight a few important points.

Even with the best motivation in the world and the most rigorous process of revision, it is impossible to create a perfect product without the possibility of errors. It is your responsibility to always double-check the information contained in the application and to integrate it into the clinical context of your patient. For example, intubating a patient in profound shock does not require the same dosage as for a stable patient. EZDrips can never replace your clinical judgment! It is important to understand that we focused our efforts on simplifying the dosing and administration of medications in resuscitation. We always assume that the patient is unstable and that the medications need to be administered as quickly as possible. EZDrips is not intended to be a complete reference tool for every drug.

The use of this application is restricted to healthcare professionals. Health Canada and the FDA classify our app as a “reference tool” and not a “medical device”. This implies that users need to verify the information with another source.

Applications MD is a non-profit organization that can not be held legally, financially or medically responsible for decisions made while or after using EZDrips.

Legal Disclaimer


Trademark Rights

Applications MD owns all rights to the logos and trademarks used in connection with the Software. You acknowledge that the information and content accessible through the Software contain proprietary and confidential information that is protected under Canadian and international intellectual property laws. You agree not to sell, rewrite, modify, reproduce, distribute, in part or in whole, any information accessed through the Software without prior written approval from Applications MD. The use of the Software is being provided to you on a non-exclusive, non-transferable basis solely for your personal use. Applications MD reserves all other rights not granted in this EULA. 

Liability Waiver

The information that is made available through the Software is intended for physicians and other healthcare professionals. It not meant and should not be construed to serve as a substitute for the clinical judgment of healthcare professionals. The Software does not provide medical advice nor does it recommend or endorse particular products. As considered by Health Canada, the Software should and can only be used as a reference tool.

Applications MD follows standard editorial procedures for information that is made available through the Software. However, Applications MD does not offer any warranty or guarantee related to the Software or the information accessible through the Software. Applications MD specifically disclaims any warranties, express or implied. Healthcare professionals should exercise their professional judgment and thoroughly evaluate all information accessed through the Software before using said information. Applications MD encourages healthcare professionals to confirm the information made available or otherwise obtained through the Software with other sources before undertaking any treatment based on such information. 

The Software was designed following the Canadian standards of practice in emergency medicine in force at that time. Without limiting the foregoing, health professionals practicing outside of Canada must validate the information accessible through the Software with the appropriate authorities before undertaking any treatment based on such information.

Without limiting the foregoing, Applications MD makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, currentness, or timeliness of the Software or the information contained therein. The information accessible through the Software is provided on an “as is” basis. In no event shall Applications MD, its officers, employees, partners or any other person who has contributed to the development of the Software be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of, misuse of, inability to use or interpretation of the information contained in the Software. 

This EULA shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Province of Quebec.